Brandon Kruse, Founder of Dialmaxx

Brandon Kruse shares his founding story of Dialmaxx, which he sold to Magic Jack a few years ago.

On Tuesday, October 20th, Brandon Kruse spoke at 3210 to share his founding story of his prior telecom company, Dialmaxx. Brandon told of working at Digium as a teenager and realizing that Digium didn't touch long distance calling as a product/service.

As he learned about the world of long distance, he eventually asked Digium for permission to attempt to service their long-distance customers. Eventually, Brandon left Digium to found Dialmaxx, which provided long distance phone service to companies. 

After several years of running the company out of his parents' home, Brandon sold Dialmaxx to Magic Jack for millions of dollars. 

Brandon walked us through the highs and lows of starting, growing, and selling his company, and also told us about his entrepreneurial pursuits since then.