We socialize innovation among a tight-knit community of highly driven young professionals



3210 was born in May of 2015 as a startup discussion breakfast meeting. What began as a single table of friends at Blue Plate Cafe quickly drew 4-6 tables of people. As attendance picked up, we eventually migrated to HudsonAlpha, then HuntsvilleWest, and finally to Randolph School for our startup discussions and speaker series.

Why THE NAME "32/10"?

Pronounced "thirty-two ten," our name is derived from two sources. The first is the address of the Blue Plate venue where we originated: 3210 Governors Drive. The second is the connotation with the liftoff sequence spoken by rocket launch controllers: "3-2-1 lift-off!" (in which we relate some of our members' aspirations to start companies).

Our Mission

Our mission is to socialize entrepreneurship among a millennial demographic such that discussing startups and associated business concepts becomes familiar and comfortable. We're building a tight-knit community of movers and shakers and bringing them together to explore and collaborate on ideas. 

We bring high-caliber young professionals together to discuss entrepreneurial concepts in a social environment.

One of Huntsville's most successful early-stage startups formed with the help of connections made through 32/10.

One of Huntsville's most successful early-stage startups formed with the help of connections made through 32/10.

Benefits include: 

Valuable Connections
We facilitate a social dynamic that is great for meeting highly driven young professionals. Our membership includes 200+ software developers, 100+ software designers, and 400+ small business owners. Professionals from every background make great connections with others who can positively impact their pursuits.

Leadership Development
Through teaching and exploring business concepts, we foster leadership development. We connect members directly with the southeast's most innovative and successful business leaders.

Team Development
32/10 is a great place to source team members, be they cofounders, contractors or employees. Our membership is driven and hungry for opportunities to collaborate.

We host prominent business leaders at 32/10. Members benefit from 1:1 connections with the region's top founders and executives


We explore the stories behind the world's most successful startups: their founders, products, business models, market opportunities, etc.


32/10 is organized by members who are passionate for building a culture of innovation in Huntsville.


Chris Beaman

Program Director

Chris coordinates speakers, content, and strategy for 32/10.


Chris has always been a community organizer, beginning with sports leagues and eventually with the innovation community. A technologist, Chris is cofounder and Chief Product Officer at The Foundry, Huntsville's commercial software startup studio.


Cole Rickles

Education DIRECTOR

Cole builds and presents 32/10's Deep Dives and is also working to intertwine UAH with 32/10's activities.


A recent graduate of UAH's MBA program, Cole is business-minded and innovation-inclined. For the past year, he's been helping to run the R&D program for new company projects at AEgis Technologies. Cole also organized 3210's first float trip on the Flint and is excited about helping members to build meaningful connections.

Jordan Allison

Events Director

Jordan coordinates 32/10's event logistics and performs event marketing.


Jordan graduated from the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga with a Bachelor's in Business Administration and Marketing before moving to Huntsville in 2014. Currently, she works as an Investment Sales Assistant at Redstone Federal Credit Union.

Jeff Sanders

Sponsorship DIRECTOR

Jeff help local companies to draw value from exposure generated by 32/10 events.


Born and raised in Tennessee, Jeff graduated from the University of Memphis. Afterward, he spent a few years living and working in Los Angeles. In 2014 he relocated to Decatur, where he has lived since. On a day-to-day basis, Jeff works as a Controller for International Paper. On the side, Jeff enjoys delving in to the world of creative marketing.

Keithe Eaton


Keithe surveys 32/10 members and analyzes/quantifies data about what they're interested in and who they're trying to meet.


Keithe got her Masters in Aerospace Engineering from Boston University before moving to Huntsville. For the past 7 years, she's worked with commercial spaceflight startup, Zero Point Frontiers. In addition to 32/10, Keithe serves on the Committee of 100's YP Board.

Trey Sharp


Trey drives content strategy for 32/10, including posts on Facebook group and on the 32/10 website.


Trey has been CEO of Sharp Communication for the past 10 years. Most recently, he has cofounded an emergency responders communication technology startup called Tango Tango. In his free time, Trey writes about entrepreneurship and productivity via his blog, Just a Bit Better Every Day.